We are currently accepting applicants for:
>Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam master's internships, see here 
>Temple University undergraduate research program, see here

Enthusiastic students from Temple University can gain research experience with our team at the Center for Biodiversity. Students may volunteer, gain University credit, and be paid via funds available through Temple's URP and Merit Scholar Programs. If you are interested in a position, please email me your CV and unofficial transcript. Also include in your email a brief statement explaining why you are interested in joining our team and what your career goals are following graduation. See also our internships page.

Graduate Students
Each year, I accept a select few MS and PhD students. See here for any current announcements.

If I do not have a formal announcement listed, then I do still encourage potential students to contact me directly. Applicants should first read through my publications and the information on my website, and then send a brief letter of interest, a CV, and unofficial transcripts. In the letter, include why you are interested in joining our team, indicate what about my research seems exciting to you, and what you might like to work on while a graduate student. Application details on Temple's Biology Graduate program are found here. Also see: Temple University Graduate School and Department of Biology.

Periodically I will hire postdocs to work on particular funded projects. I make those announcements here. I encourage potential postdocs to look into their own fellowships. I am more than happy to work closely with a potential applicant in developing a proposal to a funding agency.

International Collaborators and Students
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Master's students (or other international students) who are interested should see here about possible master's internships.

My research has a strong international component and I have extensive experience both living and researching outside of the U.S.A. (Mexico, The Caribbean, the Netherlands and China). I encourage international students and potential collaborators to contact me about particular ideas or projects of interest. My team can help to arrange short to mid stays at the Center for Biodiversity. The Center has state-of-the-art facilities for biodiversity science research including a dedicated genetics facility, large growth chambers, and extensive computing power. I am enthusiastic to work with potential collaborators on proposals through their local funding agencies to fund their stay.

Paid research technician positions are, at times, available within our team and at the Center. We post those job announcements here and on the Center's main website.